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I downloaded Logic Pro my Sophomore year of college. Inspired by the massive growth in electronic music, I started my journey producing progressive house. Over the past 10 years I've experimented and collaborated with some amazingly talented artists, as well as had the opportunity to write for major brands. There is no style/genre I am afraid to explore, so if you are interested in working together please feel free to reach out.


YouTube Music Library

During the mid 2000's I was commissioned by YouTube to write dozens of tracks for their music library. All the songs would be free for creators to use, without fear of copyright strikes or demonetization. To this day my songs have been used in thousands of videos, and garnered millions of plays.


Facebook Music Library

Similar to YouTube, Facebook reached out to commission original works for their proprietary library. The songs are free to use, so just search Eveningland (or Mapp) and you'll see the selection!  



I've always enjoyed reimagining songs. Taking inspiration from some of my favorite artists, and flipping the original on its head, to bring new life to the track. I've been lucky enough to produce official remixes for artists like Aloe Blacc and Scout.


Original Songs

Over the past few years I have been releasing my original tracks on Soundcloud, Youtube, and Spotify. In my spare time I always have a few tracks I'm writing, though few ever see the light of day. I am frequently experimenting with different genres, so those with an eclectic palate will find plenty to enjoy.


I've been commisioned to write songs for TV spots, Online advertising, and internal company campaigns. Brands I've worked with in the past include Volvo, the Golden State Warriors, Suzuki, Salesforce, GoPro, Ford, and many more.

Film / TV / Video Games

I've also been lucky enough to write music to image. As film was my first passion, I always enjoy the opportunity to score any project. I've written music for some small independent films and documentaries, as well as licensed music to some large Fox and NBC television shows. Just recently I was able to produce music for an indie video game, the first of such projects for me.



If you would like to discuss licensing or commission original music, please reach out.

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